A day in Santa Barbara

I dreamed a dream growing up, and hoped that someday it’ll not just remain a dream. People usually have a certain image in their mind about how they want their life to be when they grow up, for me it was always a very distinct image. The image of me in a wandering in a foreign land, trying out the local cuisine, enjoying the beauty each landscape offers. Honestly, it was a dream planted in my head by the food, lifestyle and travel shows on TLC, which my television in India was tuned to day and night (Trust me, my mom wasn’t pleased).

When I moved to the US a few years back as a student, I thought to myself, this was my opportunity. The right time and place, almost as if the universe was conspiring to fulfill my dream of exploring new places (Cliché much!). Every vacation I plan and every trip I take I consider myself blessed to be living the dream. 

I’ve tried to make the best use of my time here, packing my bags at every opportune moment that comes along is something I never shy away from. Be it a trip to NYC, Texas or LA, my enthusiasm is always the same. I get excited simply by the thought of the new prospects each destination brings and the best possible ways of making the trip a success.

We all look forward to doing different things when planning a trip, for some it might be the Instagram picture worthy location and for others just lying on the beach all day. Here, is how I spent my day in Santa Barbara.  

Stearns Wharf:

If you’re not an early riser like me, and not so much into sunrises then this is just the perfect place for you to start the day. It’s great for brunch, to walk around or fish. We spent our time just sitting on the pier gazing at the seagulls and albatross flying around in all their glory.

Being a seafood lover I chose to have brunch at Moby Dick Restaurant, which I would say had a decent selection on the Menu. Although, personally I felt I’ve had better seafood at a much more reasonable price but I guess the location plays a big role in that. I would’ve preferred eating at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company which is better value for money. I wasn’t willing to spend another hour waiting. I would suggest putting your name on the wait list the moment you reach, enjoy the pier and return when close to the end of your wait time (food strategy!).



Downtown Santa Barbara:

We dedicated the afternoon to roaming around the downtown to get a glimpse of the food, culture and my favorite part, finding good coffee. There’s so many choices, it can get overwhelming. I’d recommend choosing Handlebar Coffee Roasters simply to feel the “Santa Barbara” vibe with a kick of caffeine.

Window shopping is an excellent option as well (i.e if you’re not in the mood to splurge on exotic handicrafts). It makes for an excellent stroll on a lazy summer afternoon.





As the sun starts to set, head back to the beach for a breathtaking view of the sunset. That’s something I suggest everyone to witness in person (hence no pictures), cause West Coast sunsets are the best! There’s no arguing that, right?!

Style Details:

Dress: Banana Republic (unfortunately, this one’s out of stock now. So I’ve added a link to one that’s quite similar)

Bag: Charles & Keith

Shades: Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer

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